Letting Go

As your walk with God increases you will begin to realize that there are past hurts and mistakes that you need to let go of. You will need to release hurts you caused and hurts that others caused you. It is easy to feel that you are releasing them when you are actually just pushing them away. You are getting ready for work and a thought pops in your head, “well they should have been there for me then.” Or maybe “I should have done more instead of walk away.” You catch yourself and say, “nope, Im forgiven and so are they. Im not going to have those thoughts anymore.” You know what you just did? You pushed it away. It may stay gone from the forefront of your mind for a while but it will show up in other places: the way you talk to someone, feelings of entitlement in situations, and even how you treat yourself. Instead, be honest with God. Tell Him…yep, that is how I feel about it and I am angry, hurt, digusted…whatever you feel. Then pray that He turns those feelings to love. His love, His understanding, His grace. Then you are truly releasing it to the One that loves us all. May God bless us with healing today and everyday. Amen!

2 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. Amen! I can seriously relate as I do this all the time and I replay that scenario that is bugging me to justify myself … but yet, I walk away. I say something like “ God take over my thoughts” or “Jesus help me” and repeat that. I guess I never ask to be released from it.


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