Hypocrits of Church

Some people say “I dont go to church because of all the hypocrits.” And others respond “we are all hypocrits.” Thats very true, but I believe some hypocrits those people refer to are the ones that come to church just to be seen or to feel like it is just something they are supposed to do. There are some that sit in the pew and dont pay a lick of attention to a single word. There are those that say “I beleive Jesus died for our sins and thats good enough for me” and dont want to know Him any more than that. I understand the type of people you are talking about. I used to be one. My words to you are..go anyway. Because there are people there that say “Jesus, I want to follow you honestly. I want your ways to be my ways. When people look at me I want them to see you. Even though I may stumble and feel like I am the hypocrit…You know me better than that and pick me back up.” And to all of you that do that. Thank you. You set the example and give others something to strive for. Thank you for being honest with Jesus so I could learn to do the same.

2 thoughts on “Hypocrits of Church

  1. I remember when I was going – I had two people leading me their way. One eventually got upset for trying a different church as I was looking for the right church. The other person eventually sat me down to talk about my life and found myself being condemned- that moment I was infuriated. Next I knew I felt that Jesus was mad at me and before I knew it – I quit going feeling so ashamed. Before I quit, I found myself asking this church to help me and my husband find our way. To help my husband come to church with me. Next thing I knew, they took me in another room, taking my picture to show I joined there church. I felt so confused! I just wanted to y’all to someone to help me and my husband. I wanted to belong in a church to learn more about God. Maybe not belong but just wanted to find a church that spoke to me and husband through song and prayer and sermon. Not that I don’t want to get to know people, I just wanted to hear Gods word. Needless to say, I no longer speak to those two people nor do I go to church. I do pray to God daily. I have the best of friends and husband that send me daily prayers – although I don’t alway read them, I still keep God and Jesus close to my heart.


    1. My heart goes out to the hurt you feel. Church hurt is some of the worse hurt you can ever feel. You go to a place to feel Gods presence and learn His word. To feel the joy of obedience to God and His word. To be around like minded people. And then you are hit with what feels like judgement. I want you to understand, this judgement came from people. And you will find these type of people in all churches. My challenge to you is dont let people hold you back from showing your love and obedience to God. He doesnt tell us to go just to show we will do what He says but to show we have faith that in what He says is right and best. Try again. Give another place a chance. I have been where you are and I want you to truly believe there is a place for you in a church somewhere. God wants you to fill that spot. Let Him guide you there. My prayers are with you friend!


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