Be a blessing, not a rescue

Being a blessing or rescuing? I have been torn between those two for as long as I can remember. I have seen the damage rescuing can do. It worries me now to do too much but then worries me that I dont do enough. I know there are parents, friends, and family of a struggling loved one that knows what I am talking about. Or even just everyday life…wives with husbands, husbands with wives, parents and children’s school problems… I read Matthew 14:22-33 and see how Jesus rescued Peter from drowning while he was walking on water. If Jesus was so quick to rescue him then shoudnt I be willing to be like Jesus and be quick to rescue as well? Then today, it suddenly hit me. JESUS rescued Peter. No where is it mentioned that the people in the boat jumped out into the water to rescue him. They knew Jesus was right there. Sure, He allowed Peter to sink, but not a moment too soon or too late…He pulled him straight up. Peter’s sinking taught him a lesson about not letting fear get the best of him. Jesus’ rescue taught them all that even if they make a mistake He is right there to save them. Then the verse says, the people in the boat worshiped and rejoiced. It is not my place to rescue. It is my place to share Jesus so they know He is the rescuer. To share the importance of keeping Jesus close so He can pull them up quick. Jesus rescues. Not just for the sinking but for the people still on the boat. So everyone can see His great work and feel the comfort of knowing He is right there. I cant always be there for you but Jesus can. I never want to deny someone that feeling ever again. I never want to deny someone a chance to see Jesus save them and then be able to carry that comfort for the next battle.
Lord, we pray for wisdom. Please show us the difference between rescue and blessing. Please help us to remember to come to You in prayer and to Your word for guidance in tough to navigate situations. We thank You for Your ever ready rescue that is not on our time but Your perfect time. I trust you with my life and the ones I love. Please help me to stay out of your way. To give when it glorifies You and not my own need to fix things. In Christ name, Amen

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