Be humble. Be kind.

Humility. Be humble. Be kind. God does not call us to be prideful. He does not call one to be more than the other. He calls us to be humble and serve one another. Oh, the problems we could avoid if we would all just be humble and serve. God sent His son not as a king riding in on a stallion. Although, that’s what He deserved. He sent His son to this world as a baby that grew to a man riding a donkey. This Man saved our souls in the worst way possible and He rode in on a donkey. He served His people. He washed the feet of His disciples although it was close to the hour of His tortured death. He lived. He died. He lived again. All the while humble. Kind. And not a pride filled bone in His body. Jesus was here not just to save our souls but to give us a living, breathing example of how we are to carry out the words of His Father. So, before we make our next social media post ask yourself….am I humble? Am I kind? Does this show love for my neighbor? Or is this feeding my pride? Is this trying to make a point that I am right and you are wrong? You want to be a part of the change? Make the decision today to walk with Jesus. Live like Jesus. Let Him change YOU. Jesus is right. His way is right. Amen.

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