Isaiah and quarantine

Meme circulating through social media

My thoughts in this:
Ok, so what I am gathering is…the verse is more of a “find a refuge in God” than it is a “go in your house and quarantine”. Also, this is not the first plague known to man. Read of the spanish flu of 1918 and all the lives it took. As Bro. Brent said last sunday when answering the question “is this a sign of the end times?” Well…we cant say yes but we cant say no either. We are always to be ready (meaning being saved) either way so if you are, fear not. Enter the chambers of your heart where God resides and take comfort. All difficult seasons last only but a little while. As far as that verse directly prophesying what is happening today with quarantine… i dont think so. With that said the bible does speak of obeying the authorities (as long as it doesnt go against the Word) in Romans 13. So, if the government says stop traveling, stop meeting in large numbers, and what not then we should listen. Not out of fear but obedience.